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IR Forms
Approval for appointment as approved person
Conversion of exisiting policies into e-policies
e-Insurance account form
e-Insurance service request form
Agency Application Form Bajaj
Application for Loan Bajaj
Appointment of Appointee Form Bajaj
Assignment Form Bajaj
Electronic Payment Mandate Bajaj
Form of Reassignment of Policy Bajaj
Good Health Declaration Bajaj
Good Health Declaration Form Bajaj
Licence Renewal Form Bajaj
Loan Receipt Form Bajaj
Maturity Discharge Form Bajaj
Nomination Form Bajaj
Policy Servicing Request Form Bajaj
Proposal From DPM FINAL Bajaj
Specimen Signature Form Bajaj
Surrender Request Form Bajaj
Policy Servicing Form_Bajaj
Surrender Withdrawal Form_Bajaj
Assignment Form
CreditCard Authorisationform
DoGH Form
ECS Mandate Form
Nomination Form
Policy Request Form
Switch Form
Top-up Request
Absolute Version
After marriage
Claimants Statement
Claim Intimation Form-1
Conditional assignment
Employer Certificate
Indemnity bond
Personal Reasons
Physician Statement
Policy Reinstatement Form
Policy Servicing FormA
Policy Servicing FormB
Policy Surrender Form
SI Mandate Direct Debit Form
Treating Hospital Certificate
Policy Payment Form
ECS Mandate form
Critical illness claim form
Death Calim Form_09 CTP
Death Intimation Form
Declaration of Health
Policy Ammendement Form A
Policy Ammendement Form B
Switch Redirection Top-up Form
Accidental Death Benefit Accident Death_N_Disablement BenefitClaimForm IDBIFortis
Application for Assignment[1]
Application for Electrical Clearance Service (ECS)
Application for Fund Swithch and Future Premium Redirection
Application for General Changes
Application for Insurance Changes
Application for Nomination
Application for Partial Withdrawal Surrendar of Policy
Application for Standing Instruction
Application for Top Up
Death Benefit
Hospital Cash Benefit IDBI Federal Hospital Cash Benefit Claim Form
Personal Health Statement-Revival
Smart Allocator
India First26
Application for Assignment V2
CFRtemplates Declaration
CFRtemplates FamilyHistory
CFRtemplates Medical Questions
CFRtemplates nominee
CFRtemplates Plandetails
CFRtemplates Previousinsurance
CFRtemplates Vernacular
Change Requestform final
Claim Intimation Form - Health
Claim Intimation Form Death_V3
Claim Intimation Form Group Credit Life
Claim Intimation Form Group Term Life
Claim IntimationForm Diability
Declaration of Good Health1
Document Request Form
Full PartSurrender
Fund Switch Premium Redirection
Loan Application Form Final
Mandate Form Colored
NB Checklist
Nomination Form
Pan Details form
Physician Statement Death
Refund Request Form
Top up form 280911
ADDDB Claim Intimation form
Advance Surrender Discharge Form (New)
AFI Form
Application for Loan
Assignment Form
Bonus Change Form
Change in Communication Address
Credit Card Payment Authorisation Form
Critical Illness Claim Intimatiom Form
Death intimation cum Claim Form
Declaration of Health
Direct Debit Mandate Tech SI
ECS Mandate
G L Switch
G L Top Up
Indemnity bond format for Duplicate PB (Annexure 2)
Mode change
Name Change
Nominee Change
POS Specimen Signature Form
Standing Instruction Mandate (Citibank-Vysya bank)
Switch and Premium Redirection Form
Top Up Request
ACM Consent
address change request form
Application for Top up Premium
CC Debit Auth Form
CFI Form
Contact details change
Freelook Alteration
Major Revival Declaration with New PF
Major Revival form-1 OTC Policies
Major Revival form-2 Except-otc-policies
Maturity Form
Name and Mode
Nomination Appointee
Partial Withdrawal Form
Premium Redirection
Standing Instruction Form
surrender form
Termination Form
Annuity Card Page 1
FNO 680
Form no 3825
NEFT Mandate Form IPP
revised IPP ECS 070909
Annuity Card Page 2
FNO 700
Letter of Indemnity
New ecs mandate form
Existence Certificate
FNO 720
Neft Mandate Form format
Revised EC
Account Debit Authority
Address Change
Amendment Form
Application Form For Dread Disease Critical Illness Benefit
Application Form For Wellness and Wellness Plus claim
Assignment Form
Attending Physicians Statement - Disability claim
Attending Physicians Statement - Form C
Attending Physicians Statement For Dread Disease Critical Illness Benefit
Attending Physicians Statement For Wellness and Wellness Plus claim- Form WD
Attending Physicians Statement- Form TC
BurialCremation Certificate - Form B
Cancellation form
Claim Reimbursement Form for Medicash and Medicash Plus - Form MA
Claimant Statement - Affinity
Claimant Statement - Credit Life
Claimant Statement - E E
Claimant Statement - EDLI
Claimant Statement - Gratuity
Claimants Statement - Form A
Claimants statement - Life Shield
Credit Card Mandate Form Ver1.2
Death Claim Application Form - Form A
Diffrent Signature Declaration Form
ECS Mandate Form
FAQ loans
Form DA
Lost Policy Bond of Indemnity
NEFT Mandate form
Surrender Form
Terminal Illness Claim - Form TA
Topup form 1.1 version
AB Rider Questionnaire
Absolute Assignment for Natural Love and Affection Individual
Absolute Assignment for Valuable Consideration individual
Absolute Assignment for Valuable Consideration Trust Institution Bank
Assignment for key man Insurance Policy
Banker Certificate
Bankers Certificate for Home Loan
Change in Nomination Form
Change in Photograph Form
Change of Appointee Form
Claim Discharge Form
Claim form new 1
Declaration of Good Health Form
Duplicate Policy Questionnaire
ECS and Direct Debit Form ver02 1
Employer Certificate New
First Time Appointee Form
First Time Nomination Form
FLC Request Letter
Fund Switch and Redirection Form
Hospital Cash Claim Form
Hospital Cash Claims Process
Hospital Cash Direct Mandate
Hospital Cash Policy Booklet
Hospital Cash Treating Doctors Certificate
Hospital Treatment Certificate New
Indemnity Bond Format for Duplicate Policy
Indemnity Bond Format for Surrender
Individual Premium Payment Challan
Mandate for Direct Credit of Policy Payouts
Medical Attendant Certificate new
Partial Withdrawal Cum Surrender Application Form v001
Policy Correction Form V2
Reassignment Form
SI EFT Mandate
Specimen Signature Form new2
Standing Instruction Mandate Credit Card ver2
Standing Instuction Mandate-Bank Account
T-PIN Application Form
Claim A
Claim B
Claim C
Claim E
Assignment Form
Credit Card Form
Ecs Neft Form
Health Certificate
ID Proof
Income Proof
InvestAssure Health
InvestAssure Insta
InvestAssure Optima
InvestAssure Swarna Jeevan
Loan Form NEFT Details
Nomination Form
PPO Direct Debit Form
Reassignment Form
Request Change Form Swarna Pratigya
Request for Change
Surrender form NEFT Details
TATA Aig Jeevan Lakshya
Ulip Form1
Ulip Form2
Ulip Rfc Extra Care
Ulip Rfc Flexi
Ulip Rfc Future
Ulip Rfc Invest Assure
Ulip Rfc InvestAssure Gold
Ulip Rfc InvestAssure II InvestAssure Plus
DeathClaim Form Accidental
DeathClaim Form NonAccidental
HDFC Combined Policy Servicing Form 1 Revised 10-08-11
HDFC Combined Top Up Form
HDFC Crest YoungstarSuper II ProGrowthSuper II Pro Growth Maximiser FS PR Form
HDFC NEFT Mandate 27.12.11
HDFC Policy Servicing Request Form 2
HDFC Revival Reinstatement Request form
Indemnity Loss Policy
Indemnity Non Receipt Policy
PHS form
PreAuth Request Form_8
Transfer of Ownership-27.12.11
Assignment Form
CreditCard Authorisationform
DoGH Form
ECS Mandate Form
Policy Request Form
Switch Form
Top-up Request
Agency Application Form
Application for Loan
Appointment of Appointee Form
Assignment Form
Electronic Payment Mandate
Form of Reassignmentof Policy
Good Health Declaration
Good Health Declaration Form
Licence Renewal Form
Loan Receipt Form
Maturity Discharge Form
Nomination Form
Policy Servicing Request Form
Proposal From DPM FINAL
Specimen Signature Form
Surrender Request Form
Ul Policy Servicing Form
UL Surrender Withdrawal Form
ICICI Prudential Life
AbsoluteA ssignment
Advisor Request Customer Unit Statement
Application for Postponement or OMO_NONULIP
Application for Postponement or OMO_ULIP
Application of Immediate Annuity 27.6
Appointment Addition Of Appointee
Authorisation for Third Parties March-12-2012
Bank Account Declaration
Certificate by Employer
Change in Signature Nov 25
Change In Ownership Of The_Policy_29_Nov
Change of Nominee Latest
Claimant Statement Rural Social_Oct4
Credit Card Nov 25
CSD Jan22
Death Claimant statement Form
Declaration For_Third Party_Payment 30_Aug
Duplicate Policy Indemnity Bond2
ECS Direct Debit Application Form_10_Aug
ECS Preferred Debit Date Change Requisition Form
Form 60
Form 61
Format for Electronic Payout
Health Pre-Authorization Form
Health Check_up Claim Form_24_Feb
Health Claimant Statement Form
Life Verification Certificate_13_April
Life PDR
Life Verification Certificate Group_21_April
Medical Attendant Hospital Certificate
NOC for Absolute Assignment
Payout 14june_2011
Request For Change In Personal Details
Request For Switch Premium Redirection ATS CIPS TOPUP
Usual Family Doctor Certificate
Birla Sunlife
5059 Policy Request Form
5060 Policy Cancellation Form
Auto Debit Form-03-11-11
Certificate of Insurability
Certificate of Insurability Minor
Change in Signature 01-02-12
DDCC 101210
Free Look Form 14-10-11
Fund Switch Premium Redirection Form 19-12-11
Health Policy Renewal Form
Health Solutions Certificate of Insurability Minor
Health Certi of Insurability Major
Indemnity Bond F
Nomination Form 01-02-12