Welcome to dematerialization of insurance policies. Karvy Insurance Repository offers you an irresistible 9 in 1 combo of protection blended with perfection.
Welcome to KARVY Insurance Repository
Life insurance policies are about protecting your dear ones with adequate cover and ensuring that the ‘cover’ acts as effective as you do in your absence. However, past data indicates that although right policy covers are taken, many policyholders regret posthumously because the gains could not be passed on to their legal heirs. Why? Either because their family members are unaware of the policy details or policy papers are lost, misplaced, forgotten or even destroyed. Watch this video to understand more about insurance repository and the immense benefits IR offers to you.
Go Digital... Go Green... More than a 1,50,000 trees are cut every year to send the insurance policy holder communication. You can now make a difference by digitizing your insurance policies.



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