Policy Holder FAQs:

What is an Insurance Repository?

Insurance Repository is a facility to help policy holders buy and keep insurance policies..

What is an e Insurance Account (eIA)?

Policy holder needs to open an e Insurance Account (eIA) with one of the Insurance Repositories to be able to buy and keep policies..

What are the benefits of holding Insurance Policies in electronic form?

There are multiple benefits in holding insurance policies..

How do I open an e Insurance Account (eIA)?

All insurance policies, be it life, pension, health or general, can be electronically held under a single eIA..

What are the documents required to open an eIA Account?

ID Proof, AADHAR CARD or PAN Card,Address Proof..

How long will it take for KINREP to open an e Insurance Account?

KINREP will open an e Insurance Account within 7 business days..

What is the fee I need to pay for opening an e Insurance Account?

E Insurance Account (eIA) is absolutely FREE to the policy holder..

What do I need to pay to maintain electronic policies in my eIA? And what is the fee for converting my existing paper polices into electronic policies?

All the services provided by KINREP (insurance repository services)..

How can KINREP provide free service to policy holders?

KINREP will be paid directly by the Insurance Companies whose policies are held in electronic form in Karvy Insurance Repository..

What do I do if I need to make any changes to my policy or eIA? Do I submit a request to the Insurance Company or Karvy Insurance Repository?

It is best to submit all requests in respect..

Can policy holders have multiple e Insurance Accounts if they have multiple Insurance policies issued by various Insurance Companies?

No. IRDA stipulates that an individual..

Which Insurance Policies can be held in electronic form?

All individual life insurance policies including health and pension policies..

What are the communications that would be sent by KINREP to the policyholder?

KINREP will act as the Single Point of Service for all your policies held in electronic form..

Can I get a duplicate statement of insurance from KINREP?

Yes, you can request a duplicate eIA statement from KINREP..

What is the grievances redressal mechanism at Karvy Insurance repository?

Karvy Insurance Repository has a policy holders’ grievances cell to address the grievances of policy holders..

If I already have an eIA, how do I buy a new policy in electronic form?

Once you have opened an e Insurance Account, it is quite simple to buy a new policy in electronic form..

How do I convert my existing paper policy into electronic form?

If you already have an eIA, you just need to write out a request..

What are the benefits in converting an existing paper policy into electronic mode?

There are multiple key benefits in converting your existing paper insurance policies..

Can the eIA be operated by the Policy holder only?

Yes, the eIA can be operated by the account holder only during his life time..

Who is an Authorized Representative (AR)?

A policy holder who opens an eIA shall appoint an Authorized Representative (AR)..

When does the free look period on my electronic policy start & how many days?

There is no change in the exercise of Free Look as mandated by IRDA..