How do I open an e Insurance Account (eIA)?

To open an eIA, you need the fill out an account opening application form of Karvy Insurance Repository (KINREP) along with the necessary supporting documents.

  1. Application Forms are available in all offices of Karvy branches across the country.

  2. They can also be downloaded from our website (or you can fill out an application online at the website).

  3. You can also contact your Insurance Advisor (Agent) for an application form.

You can submit the signed eIA application form at any of the Karvy branches. If you are applying to open an eIA at the time of buying a new Insurance Policy, it may be best to hand over the eIA form, along with the insurance proposal form, to the Insurance Company.

To open an eIA, you need to necessarily have either a PAN or Aadhar number. When submitting your eIA application, please ensure that you provide copies of your PAN or Aadhar, Address Proof and proof of date of birth, along with a passport size photograph. You also need to show the original of address proof for verification (the list of acceptable address proof documents is given elsewhere).