What are the benefits in converting an existing paper policy into electronic mode?

There are multiple key benefits in converting your existing paper insurance policies into electronic form and hold them all under a single eInsurance Account (eIA). These benefits include:

If you don’t have an eIA, you can submit an eIA opening form with the necessary supporting documents along with the request for converting paper policy to electronic mode.

There is no risk of loss or damage of a policy as may happen with paper policies; the electronic form ensures that the policies are in safe custody and can be easily accessed when needed.

All details of all your insurance policies are available in a single account (place). The details of any of the policies can be accessed at any time by logging on to the online portal of Karvy Insurance Repository (www.kinrep.com). Premium for all the policies can be paid online and many service requests or complaints can be logged at this website.

Single Point of Service: All service requests in respect of all the electronic policies held under the eIA can be submitted at any of the Karvy Insurance Repository’s service points – there is no need to go to the offices of individual insurance companies for service.