What are the communications that would be sent by KINREP to the policyholder?

KINREP will act as the Single Point of Service for all your policies held in electronic form, across Insurers.

  1. On opening your e Insurance Account (eIA) with KINREP, you will get a Welcome Kit with full particulars of your eIA along with an User Guide.
  2. The User Id & Password along with IPIN for accessing your eIA details online at www.kinrep.com will be sent to you separately.
  3. Once a year, a hard copy of your Statement of Insurance (eInsurance Statement) with full details of all policies held under your eIA shall be sent to your postal address.

In addition, an eInsurance statement giving the details of all policies held by you shall be sent to you by email whenever you make a financial transaction with respect to any of your electronic policies (including when you buy additional insurance or one of your policies matures or is surrendered)

You can also access your policy and eIA details by logging on to our website www.kinrep.com and download a service request forms, statements and reports.