“To achieve & sustain market leadership, Karvy shall aim for complete customer satisfaction by combining its human & technological resources to provide world class quality services. In the process Karvy shall strive to meet and exceed customer’s satisfaction and set industry standards.”


As per the Quality Policy, Karvy will :

  • Maintain and assess in-house processes that will sustain transparent and harmonious relationships with clients and customers to provide world class services.
  • Aim to set industry standards in customer relations by way of establishing / reinforcing its human & technological resources and act as a facilitator to suit customized needs of our clients.
  • Establish partner relationships with our business associates / clients, investors, other customers, service agents and vendors, which would help in building customer, confidence.
  • Provide high quality of work life for all our employees and equip them with adequate knowledge & skills so as to meaningfully respond to customer's needs.
  • Use state of art information technology in developing new and innovative products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers and clients.
  • Strive to be a reliable source of value added support on products and services offered and constantly guide individuals and institutions in making a judicious choice of the same.
  • Aim to become a leader in the areas of activities being undertaken, by setting standards in efficiency and responsiveness, thereby exceeding levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Strive to keep all stake-holders (shareholders, clients, investors, suppliers, customers, regulatory authorities & employees) and business associates proud and satisfied.